How to Make Money With Shvoong

Shvoong works in a similar way to other freelance writing sites. However, with Shvoong you don’t have any boundaries of what you have to write about. You can even submit a poem if you want, and make money from it. What is best is it is completely free to sign up and use, forever!

Shvoong is not a scam, because whenever you make a dollar, it has made a dollar also, because it splits what is made 50/50. Which is really quite generous.

Shvoong is a business Paid to Write to pay $ 0.01 each one gives to the writings of our rates. After the $10 Shvoong will send money to your PayPal. The most popular writings are read tips, money, Facebook, health, online business, sex, children, women, books, internet, tricks, drama. So you just write a popular course to bring the readers. You also do not forget to tell your friends to give your rating to writing.

I am going to show you exactly what you should do, and if you follow this guide, you too will get at least 1-3 dollars per day, or even more. Here is what you should do:

Write Recipes- These can be any recipes you can possibly think of. Everybody knows a recipe or two, so why not put yours on-line and make money. If you don’t know any, ask your friends and families for their family recipes, they will gladly share. Also, family cook books work great for this. Just don’t go around copying copyrighted recipes though, because you will get caught.

After you have written a recipe and gotten it published. Then share to these following sites: Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit. Sign up to these sites in order to share on them. Then share the link manually at Google and yahoo. You should type the link in there manually.

Next, these are the most important ones to share your link on, share your link on and, also you may want to try These are high traffic food sites that will get each of your recipe or food related articles thousands of views a day. You will have to sign up to these sites to submit your articles, but they are free as well.