Want a Money Saving Wedding 7 Tips

If you are like most brides, you are terrified to death to try to plan a money-saving wedding. Picture going into your wedding planning and you fail to stick to your spending budget and you end up spending money on the typical price tag of a wedding…$27,000! That would be terrible! What you need are some money-saving wedding tips to get you through this most likely very nerve-racking period of your life. In this article you will find 7 tips to help you save money on a wedding.

Minimize The Wedding Guest List

If you invite everybody you would like to invite to the wedding, chances are you’ll spend a lot more money than you ought to! Additional individuals = greater expense, face it. Exactly why is this? It is not just due to the wedding reception, it is also because you have to furnish a lot more favors and decorations…and the list could go on and on.

Do not feel like you need to invite singles to bring a date and do not feel as if you must invite each of the folks at your place of employment either. Money-saving weddings sometimes demand that you become tough!

Inform Guests to Reply to Invitations On-line

Conserve postage on wedding invitations by inviting guests through e-mail. And also have the potential guests respond to you through email, phone or online. This would definitely help you prepare a money-saving wedding ceremony…and save you time on your wedding day.

Look for Wedding Dress Samples Online

If you are a size 6-10, then try shopping for wedding dress samples. You may also wish to look for inexpensive wedding dresses on eBay and craigslist. And also, do not forget, it is simple to rent the wedding gown and save a whole lot!

Do not Get Hitched on Saturday

Saturday and Friday night wedding ceremonies are notoriously much more highly-priced days than weeknight and Sunday weddings. That’s due to the fact that vendors demand a lot more for both days because they are a lot more popular. Try having the wedding during off peak days, not on Friday night or Saturday.

Cut Back on Wedding Ceremony Arrangements

Plan a money-saving wedding ceremony with a church wedding in the course of the holiday season, when the church is probably already beautifully decorated. Doing this, you can save on decorations. However, this might cause your overall bill to increase since getting the wedding around holidays is fairly trendy. Whenever it’s much more popular, count on it, the vendors will demand much more!

Look for the Help of Friends and Family

Ask your friends and family to get involved in the wedding. Part of planning a money-saving wedding ceremony is requesting assistance from individuals with less experience to do the job of professionals. This includes trying to get friends & family to help with favors, crafts, and decorations. Invite them all over for a Do-it-yourself wedding-planning party and supply treats and your favorite wedding ceremony tunes.

Get Companies to Pay for Your Wedding

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a public figure to get your wedding sponsored. And it is possible to get it sponsored while not having to be tacky. Many brides have gotten their wedding paid for entirely just by doing some simple steps.


Don’t forget to actually utilize most of these money-saving wedding ceremony tips. Money-saving weddings should be a pleasure to plan should you know just how to implement most of these ideas.